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every one listen!

2008-03-13 19:04:31 by taco857

every one listen!!!!! PANKAKES!!!!!! that is all................8-| :o >:(

every one listen!


2008-02-28 19:26:01 by taco857

the sprites are done

more sprites

2008-02-16 13:38:48 by taco857

im working on a madness zombie sheet it even has hank as a zombie and much more

madness sprites

2008-02-16 13:27:40 by taco857

i just made a big madness sprite sheet!! +madness+spritefla/;9634661;/fileinfo.


2008-02-07 19:36:19 by taco857

Nez-Man rules! duz krinkels!.....and all you good anamaters out there......yaaa........and people with awsome sprites......yep.....bye.


Halo sprites

2008-02-04 16:59:16 by taco857

if you want some halo sprites go to f+sheetfla/;9425416;/fileinfo.html and if you want more halo sprites go here +sheetfla/;9425447;/fileinfo.html

cool madness sprites

2008-02-01 19:09:29 by taco857

go here for cool madness sprites bat+sheetfla/;9571654;/fileinfo.html

cool madness sprites